Shopify Merchants Sell Online on Facebook in India

How Can Shopify Merchants Sell Online on Facebook in India: Everything You Need to Know

How can Indian businesses start selling online on Shopify and Facebook? Read and find out more!


Let’s face it – Shopify evolved into a global platform, managing and supporting successful brands all over the world. Currently, the Shopify platform supports more than 3000 stores in India, proving that the ecommerce shopping cart can take off there as well.


With an estimated 320 million purchasers by 2020, India is ready to become a dominant country in the ecommerce world. Shopify India is already popular among online entrepreneurs who want to achieve success and take their brand up to the next level.


Ecommerce solution Shopify offers a few different plans including Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify, and Shopify Plus. With any plan, you can sell online and on social media, including Facebook and Instagram.


With affordable plans (the cheapest Shopify plan that allows you to sell on Facebook costs $9), creative control, and complete business solution, Shopify is the best platform to use for your Indian-based business. No need for you to be tech-savvy or have coding experience.


Another advantage is that Shopify is optimized for mobile users. Considering the fact that a huge number of online shoppers are buying from mobile phones and tablets, it is important for their experience to be perfect.


In order to integrate your Shopify India store with Facebook, go to the Shopify App Store where you can find the official Facebook app. You can take a look through the thousands of apps available with important functions and advanced page builders.


Once you download the app, you can connect to billions of Facebook users and sell your products directly in Facebook Messenger. Selling online in India has never been easier or faster. There is no doubt that Shopify is the leading ecommerce solution chosen by India’s most successful entrepreneurs.


Indian customers can easily browse your products and product collections by using the Shop Section on your Facebook page. Selling products on Facebook has never been simpler and now you have a chance to try it.

You can add all of your products to Facebook with just one click. Images, product details, inventory, and more automatically sync as soon as you update your Shopify store.


If you want to grow your reach, expand your community, stimulate sales, and maximize your revenue, it is time for you to sign up to Shopify India and integrate your store with Facebook!