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3 Tips to Integrate Facebook Messenger to Your Ecommerce Website in Australia

Facebook Messenger is the most used tool to reach your customers at any time! Here is how to integrate Facebook Messenger to your ecommerce website in Australia!

Facebook Messenger is a great tool for quick connection and contact with business partners, employees, customers, and prospects. It is used by many customers and online shoppers to reach business organizations and we must say, there are many reasons to do so.

A personalized touch offered by the platform to each Facebook customer is one of the main reasons.

Considering the fact that Facebook Messenger is one of the most used tools to reach your customers at any time, how can one integrate to an ecommerce website or online store in Australia?

Here are the 3 best ways to use:

  • Facebook Messenger Button: This option is only available for Facebook page owners (we assume you already have a Facebook page) and allows them to message personal profiles. In order for you to embed Facebook Messenger Button into your ecommerce website, HTML and JavaScript skills are required. Once you are done, you can customize the button however you like.
  • Facebook Messenger Link: By using HTML or Javascript you can render the Messenger Button. This will make the Facebook Button visible to the user (even if the user blocks ads) and redirect you to chat.
  • Facebook Messenger Box: The Facebook Messenger Box allows users to communicate and interact with businesses and brands from the website or online store itself. It allows you to type in a message which is quite similar to Facebook Messenger chat from the website itself. Also, it has the option to send a message to the Facebook page, however, it doesn’t have the option to provide the same experience.

How cool will be to use Facebook Messenger to sell your products?  Facebook Messenger allows you to establish connections with your followers and customers and inspire them to visit your store, go through the product offerings, and get to know your brand more.

This will increase traffic, sales, and revenues at the same time! The customers will engage more and will be easy for them to have everything in one place!

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